Sneaky Thief

Care your goods, care your girls... I might be around, hiding in darkness...

Hair : [Tableau Vivant] JMJ
Top : [Ignition Art] The Thieves Armor 
Chain mail :  [The Forge] Chain Mail Vest
R. Upper arm : [Rebellion] Leather Bracelet - Group Gift
L. Upper arm : [Rebellion] Leather Cross Bracelet - Group Gift
Shoulder : [::B&C::] Hecate Shoulders
Cape : [PFC] Hoplite cape 
Gloves : [PFC] Fur gloves
Belts : [The Forge] Stomach Belt Male
Pants : [D-Style] Legit Pants Black Stripe
Shoes : [CX] Wraps
Swords : [PFC] Berserker Twins

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