Wolf spirit

I'm not scarred, I have no fear... The wolf is showing me the way!

 Hair : [Tableau Vivant] Nyoki
Neck : [Aisling] Fangarth Necklace - Rare
Shoulder : [PFC] Raven
Quiver : [PFC] Elven quiver - Rare
Bracelets : [The Forge] Norse Bracers
Fingers :  [CX] Lethal Talon
Belt : [BlunderForge] The Swamp-Stalker's Belt
Pants : [gO] Navajo  pants
Feet : [CX] Wrap
Swords :  [PFC] Berserker Twins
Axe : [LR Weapons] Kronos Axe

Pose : [2so1] Fist in the air

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