Fear my arrows

Top : [Shi] : Hoodie Unisex
Necklace : [Mandala]Ero-Sensei
Shoulder : [PFC] Dragon Slayer Pauldron - Common
Quiver : [PFC] Elven Quiver
Upper arm : [DRD] Chained uperarm
Lower arms : [The Forge] UltraRare Bracer
Belt : [The Forge] Daerwen Belt
Pants : [Yasum] Drop Down Pants - Rare
Shoes : [The Forge] Cloth Sandals

Bow : [VF] VFX Venturer bow
Swords : [PFC] Berserker Twins

Poses : Pose : [2so1] Archer

Special thanks to Azlyn Vaher, Yasum owner and designer for her kindness and her help to this post :)

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